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  1. Hi I have stopped visit the forum as I still use 2.2.1 and I am pretty happy (over 1500 torrents seeding and Terabytes of data upload and download) I tested some 3.* versions some time ago but I stopped doing that. I log in today (sunday free time) and I see an ads enabled utorrent and some features not useful for me. So I keep the old good 2.2.1. I wish when I come again in the forum some time before 2016 you provide the minimal utorrent version many people want. Thanks for the 2.2.1 version, keep the 3 version and your ads for you and for ignorants that provide tracking data to make money from them ;) 2.2.1 lover
  2. Ι use 2.2.1 and I stop in that version. I have upload terabytes of data with this version without a problem. To be honest I try the new versions 3.* but the lack of stability and the fear of problems and bugs (I remember the config file fail), the fancy new things that I never use, make me to stay in the old good version. The magnet/url link is work even though not provide the dialog… but this is minor to me, as I can choose the files in a next step. Also I like more the simple interface. 2.2.1 it is faster and uses less memory. I have test new versions in Windows 7. However I have mentioned somewhere in the forum that when a connection is lost (network down) the 2.2.1 version cannot reconnect to torrents and if I shutdown the PC and restart it everything is fine. :mad: A version of 2.2.1 with only enhancements of things (like UTP –does 2.2.1 have the last version? I do not know…, magnet dialog, remove of apps and bloat functionality, stability issues and network re-connections fix and better performance will be great for me). And to be honest I was about to move to a different client if the trackers I follow stop supporting 2.2.1 version. However, I am grateful that you provide the 2.2.1 version and work in utorrent and also ask ours opinion. Thanks:cool: PS. I agree with nbz list!!!! PS1. Also I have stop visiting utorrent forum because of all those issues of the new versions… why I need to read about more and more problems?
  3. The bug I mentioned here is happening again (and happen many times). After I restart the utorrent everything working great. So probably there is some problem.
  4. rafi: I think that pure TCP is 5 and not 21. Why I need the new uTP header when I have disabled the outgoing/incoming uTP connections ? Do I miss something ? Also when the bt.tcp_rate_control applies ? For what numbers of bt.transp_disposition ? Thanks PS. I make I mistake in the previous post and the two options are synchronized. When I disable the "enable bandwidth management" I get a 21* value. Nice!
  5. And a more generic question based on FuGGer post Which is the equivalence matrix of bt.transp_disposition and "enable bandwidth management" ? For example if I check "enable bandwidth management" I have 31 in bt.transp_disposition? If I uncheck "enable bandwidth management" what is the number of bt.transp_disposition? Also the last action matters? For example if I do it in reverse (set the bt.transp_disposition to some number say 5) and then check "enable bandwidth management" then I have 31 or no at the bt.transp_disposition? Or the bt.transp_disposition always override the "enable bandwidth management" setting, either checked or not? Can you clarify? Thank you PS. suggestion Why you not synchronize the two options. I think it is clearer to the end user. If someone checks the "enable bandwidth management" the bt.transp_disposition changes accordingly. If someone need to hack the value and it differs from what "enable bandwidth management" means (my third question about the number), then you uncheck the "enable bandwidth management" automatically if does not correspond to the proper number.
  6. frnaado

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hi Is the first time I install webui. I use utorrent 1.8.5 17414, and following the setup guide, I enable webUi from the utorrent app, access the well-known url and the gui appears. However I download the latest version WebUI v0.370 from this thread and setup it. The first question is if WebUI v0.370 is compatible with my utorrent 1.8.5 17414 and recommended it to use it ? By the way it seems to work fine except the following message in the logger tab: [17:36:14] Error attempting to assign string 'OV_TB_QUEUEDOWN' to element... [17:36:14] Error attempting to assign string 'OV_TB_QUEUEUP' to element... Also I view some orange circles in the All, Active and Inactive labels on the left panel. In the previous version (the one that was downloaded by my utorrent 1.8.5 17414) there are not such orange circles. What these circles means? Thanks