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  1. RC4 UI Bugs: 1.forced check progress bar does not show correctly 2.unable to hide "app" from column
  2. after reverting to version 3.0 from 3.1 RC3 my download speed is extremely low, what can be the cause!? I've uninstalled version 3.1 and removed it's profile folder.
  3. The Microsoft teredo servers are not very reliable. It usually will restart the connection eventually, but it can take a while. There's not much you can do about it. Thank You
  4. For me it breaks every 2 hours My windows is windows 7 x64 and it's installed clean.
  5. Hi all in new release (v3.0.25406), it seems IPv6/teredo does not install :|, "Install IPv6/Teredo" is always available even if I install it once or more.
  6. Hello I have a question I have 2 ADSL from diffrent ISPs, I want to know how can i make utorrent to use both ADSLs simultaneously to speed up downloads. Thanks
  7. @420 Confused I need more explanation
  8. a question pass my mind what is the benefit of having several tracker with close number of Seeders and Peers. Or having many trackers is helpfull?
  9. A bug Build 19424 does not open torrent file when i want to open a torrent file instead of saving it from IE and then open it, if utorrent is not open.
  10. Is there any setting that should i set to get closer speed to HTTP/FTP downloading? Torrents are downloading 10-15 kb/s slower.I know too many factors affect download speed of torrents but I mean in best situation. regards
  11. Hello Would some bdy tell me what is "net.calc_overhead" and what benefit i gain by setting it enabled!? Thanks