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  1. ???? !!!!! ..........michailovich, dude, what did you just say??? that sounds like a email spam message....
  2. Count me in. I have been spending more time away from home and that will be just the ticket for me as I am torrenting as much as I ever have. Sign me up. Lets get it worked out
  3. Pwnage, it dont matter, defragging is defragging, I wont say its better, I dont think its suited for a desktop enviornment unless you have boxes running all the time. I have two that are one basically ALL the time so it works ok for them, Im not always on them and I dont have to worry about them. That is what I like about that. But on my main box, LOL NOOO, I dont want defrag popping on just because.....even late at night when im not on there, my downloads hit that box...
  4. yep. things have changed a bit since this thread surfaced.
  5. LOLOL maybe its time then
  6. agreed that is a similar GUI but its not working like that, if it did I wouldnt be using it, dont like O&O.....
  7. yeah Chaos, found it just fooling around and kinda like it. sorta like Diskeeper's set it and forget it lite version... And its really not a big deal for me on the media player, dont play too many videos and audio is handled by foobar.
  8. heh. I may as well weigh in.... Browser: FireFox 1.5 loaded with extensions, most notably adblock, flashblock , Noscript, FasterFox, RIP and Mr. Tech. email: gmail torrent: what else? audio: foobar 0.83 special FTW video: WMP10, I dont use it much, hence no search for a replacement. voip: Ventrilo, dont do the IM thing IRC: vanilla IRC with Invision script (old friend) Imaging: Photoshop CS2 Image mounting: Elby Virtual Clone Drive (small and simple, all u need) Image burning: imgburn, DiscJuggler, Nero text: Editplus 2.20 (been using it a LONG time and am just used to it) File Manager: Directory Opus Archiving: Winrar 3.51 Firewall/Antivirus: Bitdefender 9 Antispyware: Spybot, Spywareblaster, Adaware FTP Client: CuteFTP Pro 7 FTP server: BulletproofFTP Screen Capture: Snagit 7.12 Defrag: Diskeeper but I just discovered mst defrag and I LIKE it!! PDF: Foxit reader Microsoft Office A lot of these I have been using for years and am too lazy to change and for the poster that wanted to laugh at what some of us are aint that aint.....
  9. its always settings, im sure you have not just taken Az right out of the box and used it, I never did, had to tweak that out as well. Have fun. I do.