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  1. Demon-boy

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Ah right OK, so it's a uTorrent problem rather than the MiniUI. So maybe fixed in 2.0. Thanks again, this is such a useful wee tool when you're away from home
  2. Demon-boy

    µTorrent MiniUI

    I've noticed something a bit wrong with how this shows how much you've downloaded from a torrent where you're only downloading a few files from the torrent. I'm currently downloading a torrent of 5.7GB but I'm only downloading 1 file of 350MB. Currently I'm 50% finished so I've downloaded 175MB, which is what uTorrent itself says. But the MiniUI says I've downloaded 2.85GB, ie 50% of the FULL torrent. Doesn't take into account that I'm only downloading 1 file. Using an iPhone with Safari if that makes any difference
  3. Demon-boy

    µTorrent MiniUI

    I'm using this on my iphone and it's really great, just a couple of things, could you maybe put in an option to remove torrents? And maybe I've got fat fingers, but I can't click the + icons without zooming right in, maybe a bit bigger and away from the edge a bit would help. The ETA doesn't seem to work for me, just the infinity symbol. No-one else has mentioned that yet, am I doing it wrong? Thanks for a great little app!