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  1. h0rnytoad1

    µTorrent WebUI

    Also, i managed to login once as guest, but how do i log out ? Doesn't seem to be a button for that other than clearing the cookies.
  2. h0rnytoad1

    µTorrent WebUI

    hello all, i'm having a couple problems with the webui, i can't always load it locally with localhost:myport/gui it asks me for my username/pwd but then stays stuck at "loading". this happens locally and on other computers in lan. i clear my browser cache and retry, not always work. i use the trick in the help page: http://YourIP:UTport/gui/?action=setsetting&s=webui.cookie&v={} locally on the utorrent server machine that only gave me the error invalid request. on the other computer it seemed to work. ok so here's what i've done: i followed the instructions at http://www.utorrent.com/help/guides/webui i've updated the webui.zip to the latest.. no it doesn't have a double extension lol my ut and alt ports are opened in the firewall&router but still having problem with localhost. i tested the webui.zip and winrar says its fine. i'm using chrome 30.0.1599.101 and ie9/ie10 on multiple win 7 sp1 64bits machines. i still have good old utorrent 2.2.1 build 25110 on my utorrent machine b/c i prefer it. So my question is: is there a bug in my version of utorrent concerning the use of webui i should be aware of ? Could that be the problem ? Also, ps, the "trac links" on the help page here http://www.utorrent.com/help/guides/webui asks to download a file not link to a website ??? cheers
  3. well there you go kristopher, if you're seeding but not downloading, your ut is still communicating with others. its all part of the protocol. but if you're counting megabytes, you might want to try something else than torrenting, like youtube. or just bite the bullet and get a bigger dl/ul ratio from your isp.
  4. Until you do that ' date=' you are on your own... (you can peek at my tips, tho...)[/quote'] I have followed your tips before, and they did nothing to help the problem. I can not be the only one experiencing this issue! How much kb/s are we talking here? under 1kb dl/ul per second could be just the DHT protocol.
  5. thanks for telling us, i noticed some bug in the renaming and selecting lines in 25505. probly heard them already.
  6. maybe you're not understanding the problem then, in other words: will v3.0 build 25505 check for newer versions or do we have to do it manually ? and what is that about anyway?
  7. what's the diff? we still can't use it.
  8. i think the autoupdate feature is broken. its been like this since last two or three v2.x updates. and continues on in v3.0
  9. same here with sympatico :mad: they unthrottle after 2am until around 3-4pm
  10. ah v5 of course, they use a propriétary firmware. if you want to return it and exchange it for a previous version you can always explain to the clerk what you're trying to do with the firmware without reveilling everything of course ;-) and ask him to check in the back if there are some left. or you could return it and go to other stores, somtimes might not have the most recent stuff, you could get lucky that way.
  11. looks like the number of concurrent connexions gets saturated, wich means you can still send and receive with the opened connexions, just not create new ones. your router's memory is flooded basically. no router can overcome that, its a firmware problem. try looking for a firmware on this forum for your router : www.linksysinfo.org perso i use www.thibor.co.uk i prefer thibor12 to the recent firmware. but thats personal taste. give it a try, you might be surprised ;-)
  12. tromik: i use a linksys wrt54gs v2.0 it works fine with thibor's hyperwrt firmware. www.thibor.co.uk try it, it works for me i heard good things also from the (ugly but aparently pretty good) recent D-Links.
  13. i'm using Thibor14 with my wrt54gs v2, so far no complaints. Firmware Version : v4.70.8, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor14 flashed it just tonight eventhough the file is out since 02/24. havent tried dd-wrt ever but i've flashed the router at every release of thibor since october, the only one i didnt use was 13 since 14 fixed the conntrack bug pretty quickly. does it really make much of a difference to use dd-wrt? only wrt54gs v4 or 5 needs to flash with dd-rwt before flashing with thibor's, haven't read that for v2.
  14. well kb *is* the standard. hence why kib is such a hard sell plus it doesnt really add or clarify anything (Kilobytes//KIlobytes). To me there's no confusion about kb is 1024bytes. And to anyone who doesnt know its 1024 they learn by asking. Otherwise they just think its 1000, wich doesnt matter much when u think about it. they just think their connection goes a little bit faster. who cares. Now KB and kb thats another story (bits and bytes).