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  1. I would be interested in testing webUI. host machine is winXP behind linksys router. access to it from ubuntu/firefox machine on homelan and a wyse terminal via citrix/win2k3 server using MSIE
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    Confessions of an Azureus leecher.. Yes I said it.... I confess. I was that guy. I used to be an Azureus leecher. I would always shut down Azureus as soon as a download completed, sometimes sharing as little as 5%. Why? I was frustrated whenever I left Azureus running. I would wake up in the morning, waiting what felt like minutes for the system to display and start operating properly. Or, I would come home from work, and the wife complained she couldn't use the computer, as 'it was stuck'. When I found µTorrent, I was happy to have a program that did not drain my system over time. I found I could just leave µTorrent running. sharing more all along. I am now sharing 125% minimum on torrents and I am glad that µTorrent has made me a responsible, respected, and reformed BitTorrent user. Thanks
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    Firefox Thunderburd mIRC total commander -file manager smartFTP leechget Xnews -usenet MS Antispyware beta Ultraedit 10 -text editor Word/Excel Gaim - IM CDex - ripping winamp AnalogX netstat live - bandwidth monitor Admuncher - ad/popup blocker winrar irfanview nero symantec AV corp putty -ssh/tenet