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  1. Great to hear about the RSS-autodownload issue Richard. I prefer my torrents being done by the time I get home from slaving over hot code all day.
  2. how about: "You lose at the Interweb. Get a new browser Noobiscuit."
  3. it's been suggested at least twice in this thread alone. There's already a P2P program that called AntsP2P. Sadly, that probably makes it a no-go.
  4. it's more a mascot hunt than anything else.
  5. yeah, the ant has been brought up and dismissed. There's already a P2P program called Ants.
  6. bah, you know he never comments about designs. He's an enigma.
  7. There are still people like that around? I thought we killed them all already with that shipment of Pocky we poisoned.
  8. ouch. Harsh. Not everyone that has been doing work for µTorrent has submitted a logo.
  9. hrm. µTorrent doesn't have enough thought possiblities. Of course it has the "small, micro" ideas from µ, and "many as one, peers, up down" from the Bittorrent concept... there's just nothing else. This should have been thought out before the name was decided I don't know for sure, but it would seem plausible that the Azureus team had the frog idea before they named it Azureus.
  10. I just got home, and I just now reading this thread. I'll start brainstorming some ideas. The way I think of a logo vs. and icon is: can you put it on a TV Shirt?
  11. HTML / CSS / Text: VIM Internet Browser: Firefox IRC Client: Klient FTP Client: SmartFTP Instant Messaging: Trillian Image Mounting: Daemon Tools CD Burning: Burnatonce Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Archiving: 7-zip Video: Videolan Client Music: foobar2000 Office: Sun OpenOffice
  12. /salute. I think that about sums it up.