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  1. The suggestion to use TCP Optimizer might not speed up torrents as the setting changed (TCP Receive Window) applies per connection basis only and most peers do not upload fast enough for the default setting to be an issue. Increasing RWIN unnecessarily leads only to additional memory use by the TCP stack (example: 500k RWIN x 100 peer connections = 50 MB ram used for RWIN buffers). Thus it is important to use conservative peer connection limits when using large RWIN.
  2. Should probably move the last paragraphs of the guide more towards the beginning, as they cover the same subject. Also it is not necessarily good idea to recommend changing the advanced settings as users tend to forget any changes they did and then come complaining about obscure issues later on.
  3. This ain't mini-guide. Also it is better not to duplicate info given in the FAQ, as the FAQ is kept up-to-date and this thread might not be.
  4. BSH's ninjacat is nice but it could be less complex and more friendly looking. Also the shading on it does not quite fit right. Something between the UT char logo and the current cat one might be good compromise. Tbh, I don't think the tribal guy and the ninjacat are something that should be chosen as is currently. They're just nice drafts and we need lot more to even begin choosing the theme.