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  1. Dear Developers, Could you make an option to disable system read/write caching? It seems that now µTorrent pushes out from system cache all programs etc. so after half an hour of working torrent everything on my mac is very slow. Or maybe Mac OS X supports I/O priorities for caching like in Windows 7 so that µTorrent used system cache but din't pushed out system libraries? And it seems also that recheck always takes a lot of time even if there are no physical files on the disk to check.
  2. Error: Unknown error: 200 when changing file priorities from 'Skip' to other. Resuming helps, though rechecks the torrent.
  3. Version 1.5.2 still uses 10–20% CPU when idle!
  4. gui.update_rate does not influence gui update rate. At least Dock icon's total upload rate updates each second despite gui.update_rate value.
  5. Hey, I have another strange torrent. This time it was 100% complete (green), I restarted µTorrent and now the torrent is 87% complete with status 'Error: Files missing from job. Please rech'. I didn't touched the files. When I open 'Files' tab, there everything looks OK: one 7.3 GB file 100% done, and two 650 MB files are ~10% done with 'skip' priority (I changed it after 10% was complete). I rechecked the torrent. It updated 'Selected size' from 8.6 (full torrent size) to 7.5 and showed 99% completeness (found one bad block in the complete file, strange!). After µTorrent restart everything looks the same — 99% complete.
  6. I just got corrupted file with µTorrent. It showed the file is 100% complete, but in fact the file was corrupted. After some time µTorrent showed 'invalid download state and the file was not found'. I then force-checked it and it appeared that the beginning of the file (up to 70%) was fully complete, and the rest part is only half-complete (mix of complete and incomplete blocks). I downloaded it again and now it shows: Total Size: 4.87 GB (5.94 GB done) which should be logically impossible for a single file torrent. It might my because of this: when I started this torrent I have less space on my drive than torrent's file size. µTorrent in such a case says nothing, it just allocated file as big as possible and then drops down the speed. When I free enough space µTorrent sees that and allocates the entire file. It might be that was the reason why the first ⅔ of the file were complete and the rest only half-complete while µTorrent said the entire torrent was 100% complete.
  7. Tnanks, BN! It looks like I found another bug. When I right click on a directory in Files tree and select 'Show in Finder' µTorrent selects not the directory, but the first file in it even if the file is within a subdirectory. I actually like this behavior, because µTorrent does 'Open in Finder' for a directory and I more often need that. But in case the first file is within a subdirectory it is inconvenient. In addition, were you thinking of making 'Open' file action in addition to just 'Show in Finder'? Windows version allows launching files and in Mac version I first have to open the containing directory and then launch.
  8. BN, what about CPU usage? Will you look at this problem?
  9. When uploading something at 200–400 KB/s µTorrent uses 20–30% of CPU. I have disabled encryption, diskio.flush_files — nothing helps. Even being idle, with totally disabled network, µTorrent uses 7–15% of CPU time! Due to that my MBP is always hot and noisy when µTorrent is launched... VLC, for instance, when playing a DivX movie (x1600 GPU, no hardware DivX decoder), uses only 7–8% of CPU.