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  1. Sent you the dump Firon. I haven't changed anything except the default player for streaming and added a few columns to where the list of torrents are. i think i've found out what's wrong with mine. one of the torrents i have running rechecks itself whenever i restart uTorrent, even after shutting down properly. once it finishes, i get the disk overload 100% none of my other torrents are doing that. i never noticed it earlier because it was an 18 gb download and took so long to recheck.
  2. I'm getting the exact same thing as evox2008. As for running torrents, I have two downloading and one seeding. Cache settings are default. Plenty of disk space left and it's not writing to a network drive.
  3. I've been getting crashes only when i click on the Pieces tab. Not sure why. Here's the dump file. http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmommnd4ndw/18888-utorrent.0067.dmp