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  1. The patch for TCPIP.sys, and the optimized values based on 1c3d0g's and Martin Levac's tweaks and the users connection. And based on these values (that depend on the connection), an automatic nr of up and down slots; and the limits for both up and down speeds. From my own experience these ones work better than the ones that µ recomended me. *i have 1.5(build 437) In fewer words turn 1c3d0g's and Martin Levac's tweaks into the recomended values for µ! Like i said: Just a thought!
  2. First, a little story: When i first installed µ i got about about 10 times less speed than in BitComet, I followed this and Martin Levac's guide and i actually got to max out my down speed!!! Great job! But what if we make a little request: Why can't this be implemented in the next version of µ? It will definetly help the torrent comunity and... "force" everyone to be fair! Besides it can help new users use torrents "the right way". And i think we can all benefit from that.(achieve greater speeds and faster torrents) Or, at the very least, it can be released as an alternate build! Just a thought!