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  1.|CA **************************************|US
  3. Hi all, I've updated the bitmaps for flags to reflect the last flags.conf changes You can find them on my forum. Best regards
  5.|NL|IN **************************************|US|US|US
  6.|IE|IN|RS **************************************|US
  7.|FR|BE|BG|CN|CA *******************************************************************|US|US|US|US|US|US|US|US|US|US|US|US|US
  8. Ok, after analyzing the header of zip archive with an hex editor, I've discovered that it's a gzip stream and i've solved the problem in this way: - I renamed the file extension to gz and opened it with winrar - I've found inside a file with same name but no extension - I've extracted it and added the zip extension The extracted file decompress perfecty now, so maybe that your server automatically enable gzip compression for zip files and IE8 or Windows7 doesn't recognize it as gzip.
  9. Schnurlos I've rechecked now, but for me it's still a no go: I've tried with winrar and 7zip also, but i'm getting always Unexpected end of archive error with the file :-(. Could you try to recompress the file with winrar or 7zip? Thanks for you support
  10. Hi Schnurlos, can you check the zip files on your site cause I'm getting corrupt data during decompression. Thx
  17.|MG|CY|UA The latest one is a bit controversial, since the IP number was pointing to Kiev UA while the domain name to Chicago US...
  18. ops..., i've not updated my flags.conf since start of may.... my fault