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  1. DreadWingKnight

    Proxy and Real IP Displayed

    Then that's why
  2. DreadWingKnight

    Proxy and Real IP Displayed

    Does the proxy you're using claim to support ipv6?
  3. DreadWingKnight

    Magnet makes uTorrent crash

    What antivirus? What firewall?
  4. DreadWingKnight

    Metadata not "loading"

    If you aren't getting metadata with that many peers, it means that none of the peers on the torrent actually have the metadata to download. You'd need to gets someone from the site hosting the torrent to reseed it.
  5. DreadWingKnight

    External Hard drive

    Where the uTorrent executable is running from has no bearing on the state of your files end up. If the status bar of the torrents is turning red while still reporting downloading or seeding, check the trackers tab with that torrent selected for details on what's actually going on.
  6. DreadWingKnight

    (Novice Q) Can i migrate files form qBitTorrent to UTorrent?

  7. DreadWingKnight

    A huge drop in the download speed, suddenly.

    Then the problem is either your internet connection or the torrents you're testing with. Do torrents from http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php work?
  8. DreadWingKnight

    Cannot delete or stop two torrents from downloading

    Make sure there's no RSS feed loading them and make sure you're not using autoload on a folder containing the .torrent files.
  9. DreadWingKnight

    Need info about various error Tracker status

    These two mean that the particular tracker no longer exists. It depends on the DHT/Peer Exchange status, but if those two are working, then it's not tracker status that blocks a torrent from finishing. Unregistered Torrent Pass is a tracker-specific, none of them are uTorrent specific.
  10. DreadWingKnight


    reduce the disk cache size in utorrent or otherwise prevent windows from running out of memory. The crash you're getting is likely corrupting the resume state.
  11. DreadWingKnight

    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    http://krypted.com/mac-os-x/maximum-files-in-mac-os-x/ Between the files and the connections, you're probably exceeding limits in osx.
  12. DreadWingKnight

    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    No I don't mean the number of pieces. I mean the actual number of files, as in check the files tab and count.
  13. DreadWingKnight

    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    I wasn't asking about how many torrents you had, I was asking about how many files are actually in the torrent giving you problems
  14. DreadWingKnight

    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    How many files are in the torrent?