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  1. Neither. On the announce cycle, a small randomized list of both peers and seeds is sent. Some tracker software is coded to not send seeds in the list when the requesting client is a seed.
  2. This is the wrong way to do it. If the torrent is still loaded in uTorrent, you can use the "Set Download Location" option in the right-click menu when right-clicking on the torrent you moved in order to point uTorrent at the new location.
  3. Right-click the column headers you have to enable the ones you don't.
  4. Add the torrent from the file menu using the "Without Default Save" option then point uTorrent at your existing copy of the files.
  5. Verify the security properties on %appdata%\utorrent to make sure your user account has write access.
  6. Stop the torrent Move the files Set the download location for the specific torrent in uTorrent to where you moved the files to Force a re-check. Start the torrent
  7. Paused torrents still talk to other peers. If you don't want them communicating, stop them.
  8. Does the proxy you're using claim to support ipv6?
  9. Then the problem is either your internet connection or the torrents you're testing with. Do torrents from http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php work?
  10. Press "esc" after clicking in the main part of the interface.
  11. This being abandoned or not, with IE being what changed and broke, it's actually IE's fault.
  12. So getting your connection's rated speed is something you feel is "a bit too slow"? I guess you need to pay for a better internet connection then, as 4mbyte/sec is all you're going to get on your current one.