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  1. What is the listed availability of those torrents?
  2. It was implemented for a couple versions, became a spammy cesspit, abandoned and removed.
  3. You can't bind to an IP address that isn't on your system.
  4. Sequential downloading within a torrent isn't guaranteed. Swarm conditions may prevent you from downloading in your preferred order.
  5. The program itself is legal. It's the specific content people choose to download that may or may not be.
  6. And if you choose the torrents category on the left?
  7. There is not and it would not help.
  8. The file won't move if there's no one downloading it
  9. Any information in the status bar of the main window that could provide insight?
  10. You're going to need to un-maximize the main window then resize it manually so that you can grab the divider again.
  11. There is not and there will not be. Flooding your entire torrent list with a list of trackers is NOT going to magically find more peers. It's just going to find all the peers you already have because of DHT, and all the other peers on the torrent already. It does NOT help.
  12. You have no connection to any other person on the torrent.