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  1. Moving downloads to My Cloud over-loads the HDD

    Chances are you're moving from the laptop to the mycloud at up to 120mbyte/sec, there's not a lot we can do to prevent that. You should look into getting a torrent client on the mycloud device directly so that the laptop just sends the .torrent file or magnet link to it and the mycloud does all the work instead of trying to have your laptop save to the mycloud.
  2. can't return to "home" screen

    View menu enable sidebar.

    If it's just the specific torrent, that specific torrent is broken. It's not actually a uTorrent issue at that point.
  4. And if you restart uTorrent and check?
  5. And if you check the "Torrents" category?
  6. File download location not updating

    Changes to the directories section of the preferences are not retroactive to already loaded torrents.
  7. Dowloading the Pro package

    And if you temporarily disable your proxy settings?
  8. download not working/contents not showing

  9. Downloading but not uploading

    Turn off the "Automatically load .torrents from" setting.
  10. Completed Torrents cleared off from the list after restart

    Something is likely preventing the resume.dat file from being written properly.
  11. Rar files not opening in Utorrent

    uTorrent isn't for opening rar files. Somehow you have rar files associated with uTorrent.
  12. http://help.utorrent.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1826055-how-do-i-migrate-torrents-from-another-client-to-this-one-
  13. Category: Malware

    Looks like the antivirus is blanket-blocking by IP address with no attempt to properly investigate the traffic. Kind of like what zonealarm and others did for clients listening on SMTP ports.
  14. Have you checked under labels - hidden yet?
  15. It just downloads and stopped upload

    There's nothing we can do to help the torrents upload if no one else wants to download them. You may think there's something going wrong, but there isn't.