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  1. It just downloads and stopped upload

    There's nothing we can do to help the torrents upload if no one else wants to download them. You may think there's something going wrong, but there isn't.
  2. It just downloads and stopped upload

    That just shows torrents that have no one downloading them.
  3. Queued

    Screenshot of the full main window please.
  4. If the problem is happening regardless of which program you're using, the problem is either your internet connection or the torrents you're choosing.
  5. Trouble with uTorrent 3.5.3. (build 44358) [32 bit]

    rar files aren't torrents.
  6. Vazgen Manjikian - torrent availability

    It is calculated based on the number of complete sets of pieces across connected peers. Each complete seed is 1.0 Each complete set of pieces across downloaders is an additional 1.0
  7. DHT, Local Peer Discovery & Peer Exchange Not Allowed

    If you're seeding, the number of seeds on a torrent is meaningless. They won't connect to you and you won't upload to them. There's nothing wrong. It's downloaders that matter, and if there's a disproportionately high number of seeds compared to downloaders, you won't seed then either. Again, nothing in uTorrent is the source of the issue.
  8. Torrents won't seed or download

    Because I would end up copy and pasting the same information over and over again. Per-torrent connection limits higher than the global connection limits Terrible upload limits Messing with advanced settings for no good reason.
  9. WEB UI not working properly

    Have you tried setting uTorrent's webui port to something above 10,000?
  10. Torrents won't seed or download

    It looks like you either have bad firewall settings or you followed one of those youtube guides that claims to be the best settings but is actually garbage.
  11. Downloads not showing

    Reset the column headers in the upper panel of the right hand side.
  12. Unable to open .torrent files

    That particular file looks like it was downloaded from a site that is not configured properly.
  13. after torrent added all torrents go invisible

    Expand your window so you can drag the top part of the bottom panel down.

    Well it doesn't work that way.
  15. Deleted Incomplete Torrent By Accident