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  1. It's also possible that the company sending the notices to your isp has enough flaws in their system that the notice itself is fradulent.
  2. The files would need to be byte for byte EXACTLY correct, and you'd need to force a re-check on the torrent. The torrent would need to be stopped first.
  3. Noting we can do to help a torrent that isn't seeded.
  4. You don't. Editing a torrent in such a way makes a new torrent that is incompatible with the old one.
  5. The setup guide has no bearing on individual torrent performance. The region selection there has no influence on torrent performance.
  6. No, any corruption would be detected and the affected file segments would be re-downloaded.
  7. It will pick up from where you left off.
  8. You need to tell uTorrent what to do when the seeding goal is met.
  9. My post wasn't a question. The region in that test screen is ONLY to define what speed test servers are used. It ultimately has NO bearing on what speeds you actually get in uTorrent.
  10. Changing which region is selected in that screen has no bearing on your download speeds.
  11. https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/What-is-the-239-255-255-250-traffic-I-see-many-times-in-my-multicast-table-entrties Honestly, norton is more of a security threat.
  12. You don't open APKs with uTorrent.
  13. You'd need to contact them for that information.