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  1. You're still likely dealing with a torrent for a file or group of files that is too big for the built in torrent maker. http://wiki.depthstrike.com/wiki/EAD:Utilities:TorrentBuild has a utility that should still work (extract the zip THEN run from the extracted folder, download is at the bottom)
  2. Run fewer torrents at once with lower per-torrent peer limits.
  3. How big is the file you're making the torrent for?
  4. The bandwidth test settings have no bearing on how your torrents download. They only affect the bandwidth test.
  5. What is the listed availability of those torrents?
  6. It was implemented for a couple versions, became a spammy cesspit, abandoned and removed.
  7. Press "esc" after clicking in the main part of the interface.
  8. This being abandoned or not, with IE being what changed and broke, it's actually IE's fault.
  9. So getting your connection's rated speed is something you feel is "a bit too slow"? I guess you need to pay for a better internet connection then, as 4mbyte/sec is all you're going to get on your current one.
  10. You keep blocking or cutting off parts of the main uTorrent window that have information relevant to your issue. Plus you end up on the wrong tabs.