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  1. This actually doesn't help as much as you think. http://ktetch.co.uk/2012/07/multi-tracker-ignorance-or-why-you-dont-html/
  2. Allow outbound communication with arbitrary destinations Ideally forward inbound communication on the listening port defined in uTorrent's settings.
  3. Your vpn would need to be configured (either by you or by the vpn provider) to allow uTorrent to operate.
  4. Either bad settings, bad torrent selection, or ISP interference.
  5. Nothing you can do if the other end can't max you out.
  6. Check your "Hidden" label under "Labels" in the left sidebar.
  7. With the left sidebar enabled, you can choose the "Downloading" category.
  8. Set the category you're looking at to downloading.
  9. Press "esc" after clicking in the main part of the interface.
  10. This being abandoned or not, with IE being what changed and broke, it's actually IE's fault.
  11. So getting your connection's rated speed is something you feel is "a bit too slow"? I guess you need to pay for a better internet connection then, as 4mbyte/sec is all you're going to get on your current one.