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  1. How to enable the cache?

    High activity pieces get loaded into cache. All others are read from or written to disk as needed.
  2. How to enable the cache?

    And how big and how active are the torrents you're using. (This is ignoring the fact that a 1800mb disk cache can cause crashes)
  3. My torrents are not visible in uTorrent

    Right-click the column header bar in the upper pane and reset the columns.
  4. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    http://bt.degreez.net/firewalled.html I would say that PiusX is WRONG on this case.
  5. Consistently crashes

    What network adapter?
  6. Unknown host (11001)

    Fix your firewall's settings.
  7. Cannot find UNfinished torrents

  8. Error: Invalid Download state, try resuming

    Except if you're doing a re-check in that situation, you're actually saving bandwidth since you already have the hash data for the pieces and are simply checking the disk contents against that.
  9. Error: Invalid Download state, try resuming

    Right-click and force re-checks on ALL the torrent showing the error then start. There is no better way.
  10. Download too slow

    Not a lot we can do about under-seeded torrents.
  11. Crash dump

    Upload the dump to a file dropper like dropbox and link it. I'll get it looked at.
  12. Clicking on big magnet torrent

    Enable DHT and make sure it's working.
  13. Upload speed really slow

    Sounds like the classic chronic overseeding problem consistent with ratio enforcement sites.
  14. Automatically locating previously downloaded data

    Not that simple. File size is a terrible metric, and anything else can't be isolated to single files.
  15. New Directory