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  1. uTorrent doesn't open torrent files HELP

    Screenshot of preferences - directories please.

    If the trackers that came with the torrent don't have peers, what makes you think that adding new trackers that never heard of the torrent is going to do anything but waste time?
  3. How to block port using ipfilter.dat

    You can't block ports with it.
  4. Error: Can't open .torrent file

    Remove and re-add all torrent files. Do NOT have autoload and store in set to the same folder.
  5. Utorrent somehow using about 10gb of ram?

    Windows' Disk cache. It's not actually uTorrent using the ram.
  6. UTorrent Movie Titles Have Disappeared?

    Right-click the column headers and reset.
  7. ETA for seeding torrents?

    The ETA is for your set seeding goal in prederences.
  8. Torrents that are normally stored in %appdata%\utorrent are the ones that are controlled by the "store .torrents in" settings. Changes to the Directories settings are NOT retroactive to previously loaded torrents.
  9. uTorrent has no control over where your browser stores the .torrent files it downloads.
  10. New upload dont seed

    If you made the new torrent and you're seeding, you won't find other seeds.
  11. seeds/peers

    There's nothing we can do about it, you're going to need to contact someone on the site you got the torrent from to reseed the torrents.
  12. Install uTorr client in raspberry pi (Raspbian)

    There is no rasperry pi compatible version of uTorrent.
  13. is uTorrent infected?

    Given Norton's history, I'm more inclined to call IT the virus than uTorrent.
  14. Starting torrents without rechecking

    Considering the non-graceful loss of information about the stored data, NO you CANNOT skip the re-check.
  15. "Remove and delete torrent" doesn't work

    Which specific .torrent file are you expecting it to delete?
  16. all torrents up and down queued utorrent 3.5

    Bad queueing settings or you have a transfer cap enabled.
  17. Can download slackware torrent but nothing else seems to work

    None of your other torrents are actually seeded or otherwise active.
  18. Downloadin then stuck ....

    That torrent is not seeded. Nothign we can do about it.
  19. Cant load file, Error

    You need to get better torrents.
  20. Torrent info problem

    Options - show detailed info Also, update. You're on a horridly outdated, insecure and unsupported version.
  21. Multiple Tracker Handling

    That's because that torrent had all its Trackers in their own triers. 2 trackers per tier, 3 tiers, 3 trackers get used.
  22. scheduler not starting

    Pause and stop override the scheduler.
  23. Multiple Tracker Handling

    It has tiering support. One tracker per tier is used.
  24. Have you tried downloading to a different location?