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  1. Have you tried downloading to a different location?
  2. Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC) prob

    It's either the hard drive or the controller. Those errors are relayed from the operating system.
  3. Ad-free Version showing ads (again)

    No. It's just known to cause problems with authentication of ad-free and pro.
  4. Download Problem

    And if you don't use a proxy?
  5. Crashed & now trying to redownload prev torrents

    Then the files were moved or deleted from the destination location.
  6. More precise download scheduling

    Duplicate request.
  7. Crashed & now trying to redownload prev torrents

    So they're showing 0% after the re-check?
  8. Ad-free Version showing ads (again)

    Are you using proxy settings in uTorrent?
  9. Utorrent just idle, nothing happens.

    Highlight one of the connecting to peers torrents and show the stauts from the trackers tab.
  10. Crashed & now trying to redownload prev torrents

    Stop all torrents, force re-checks on all torrents, then start all torrents again.
  11. Sharing an entire folder / drive

  12. Very urgent problem with failing hard drive

    Remove the torrents from utorrent without deleting any of the files, move the files to the new location, then set utorrent to save to that new location and load all the torrents again.
  13. uTorrent not downloading anything

    Fix your transfer cap settings and stop using force start.
  14. torrents and tracker not listed or showing

    Check labels - Hidden.
  15. Amber "!" Warning triangle - permanently

    That port, BOTH TCP AND UDP. If you press the random port button, you have to re-do the forwarding rules to match up to the new port.
  16. Amber "!" Warning triangle - permanently

    No they are not. http://bt.degreez.net/firewalled.html
  17. Torrent's new edition

    What antivirus? What firewall?
  18. Downloading more than file size

    Hashfail count from the info tab?
  19. What is the listed availability for the torrents?
  20. UI Issue

    Reset column headers.
  21. Utterly hidden torrent and Hidden label MISSING

    Restart uTorrent after this starts happening?
  22. downloading/etc. torrents window just disappeared

    Maximize your window and get the split bar between the panels.
  23. uTorrent ignoring Transfer Cap

    Force started torrents ignore transfer cap rules. You don't need to force start torrents after moving them. Only forcing a re-check after telling uTorrent WHERE you moved them to.
  24. uTorrent ignoring Transfer Cap

    Are you force starting ANY torrents?