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  1. Why UTorrent keeps says 3.5 KB Down when no downloads?

    That's just enough traffic to keep the torrent in a semi-active state. How long are you pausing your torrent for at a time usually?
  2. How to download files not in FAT32

    You can't save any torrent with an individual file over 4GB on FAT32 drives. PERIOD. You need to either split them or compress them. Doing either is beyond the scope of what is handled on these forums.
  3. Have you checked to see what the LAN connection speed is between your computer and your router/switch?
  4. U torrnet can't complete downloading ?

    If the listed availability for the torrent is less than 1.0, you won't be able to complete it without asking for a reseed from the specific site you got the torrent from.
  5. Massive wasted data!! Need help

    Either there's a swarm poisoner seed on that torrent or your networking hardware is broken.
  6. i can not download Some torrents 100%

    Those torrents lack availability to complete. Nothing we can do about it.
  7. Torrent already exist in list

    Check under labels - hidden in the left sidebar
  8. Unable to load, Torrent contains no hash pieces

    That's a problem with the site you're downloading the forrents from, not with uTorrent.
  9. Can I merge µT from dead computer to the new one?

  10. Returning to uTorrent

    That should be fine, although trying to keep 300 torrents running at once without having a LOT of hardware behind it won't work well regardless of client.
  11. Set limit to seeding files

    Already implemented.
  12. Returning to uTorrent

    That was removed VERY shortly after it was first added (like within 3 weeks) Deluge has their own support so any issues you're having with their software should be directed there.
  13. How to check each file's MD5 inside a torrent?

    That usually means that something on your computer is causing the corruption after uTorrent has validated the pieces.
  14. UTorrent forcing paid upgrade

    Enable the left sidebar from the view menu.
  15. How to check each file's MD5 inside a torrent?

    Manually. But it's not necessary if you can trust that the site you got the torrent from made the torrent from the correct files. BitTorrent based downloads are validated on a segmented SHA1 based system.
  16. Upload speed working but not uploading anything

    If you can't do port forwarding on the VPN itself, you won't be able to become connectable.
  17. Upload speed working but not uploading anything

    Probably low demand for the torrents you're seeding.
  18. I have a problem! Please help me ASAP

    un-maximize the window then increase its size vertically
  19. I have a problem! Please help me ASAP

    You need to increase the size of the main uTorrent window vertically to get the grab point for the split.
  20. Torrents stuck at "finding peers 0,0%" on Windows 10

    Need to see the information tabs, specifically the trackers tab.
  21. missing torrent files

    Looks like something prevented uTorrent from writing the resume state file.
  22. Dowloaded torrent that will not start

    That torrent is too supply heavy at this point. Everyone on the torrent is getting their pieces from other seeds.
  23. Force Re-check problem

    Sounds like your media players are re-tagging the files. In that case, the files are considered corrupt by ANY bittorrent client.
  24. Will more trackers help my download in uTorrent

    Your expectations are not based in reality. http://ktetch.co.uk/2012/07/multi-tracker-ignorance-or-why-you-dont-html/ http://ktetch.co.uk/2014/01/bittorrent-tracker-madness/
  25. All my torrents are gone/missing