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  1. if someone is on the apps page or any other web page, he cant go back to torrents view if the category view is hidden, it took me a while to find it out. somethiing like this in my opinion should be a problem of an alpha release, not a beta one
  2. i would like in the trackers tab to be able to copy the url to clipboard with the right click like in 1.7
  3. woot nice, let's see how it goes
  4. nice. i see 5mb ram usage again. i would love to see a feature "pause all for x minutes" although . I get up today and i found utorrent to be stuck and i have to close it. I still don't know why, i will search it more
  5. I would like to see: When selecting to change the default downlaod folder the textbox folder name to has the name of the current folder name
  6. any way in order the utorrent 1.7 to start minimized?
  7. Guys have you consider implementing Bit Che in order to search for torrents? it has already command line support (bc://) http://www.convivea.com/product.php?id=2
  8. for those who have problem with internet explorer 7 remember not to include username:password in the beggining and they will enter them after the connection is established
  9. guys is there any way to see the remaining disk space through webui? if not is going to implemented something like this?
  10. mm yes thats right ultima, im one check the feature request page he will understand that asking is useless (i was not asking for the final release, i thought beta releases are easier to say when there will be released)
  11. when we will have a new version guys?
  12. guys can i put the settings.dat file on a progmam files\utorrent folder for example? I have 2 different os in my pc and i want to use i settings.dat
  13. Ultima you should update the readme.txt with a lot of ways on what to do if you have problems. (like the "try to use http://localhost:port/gui/")
  14. oups, thank osmoris. My bad