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  1. According to, there's 156 people. <?php $msg = 'KitCh, ..., blackice912, wiak, TheBIG'; $msg = explode(',', $msg); echo count($msg)+1; ?>
  2. I don't want to go off topic but welcome blackice912
  3. I would like to test out WebUI. I'm a Microsoft Beta tester for most of their stuff. I also run several servers in a datacenter and at home. I have a 10/10mbps connection, but I'm often away from home as I'm in the Department of National Defence (DND Canada) so the WebUI would be an awesome addition to my torrent downloads, as they often include inside information that's crucial for my work and bla bla bla Anyhow, if you think I'm worthy of testing the UI, let me know. Thanks