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  1. Hi, i would really appreciate the opportunity to test this webUI. I currently have 3 computer that i use on an everyday basis. I use my main amd x2 rig (my home desktop)for all my torrents and i use my powerbook g4 for everything at school. Im in school pretty much all day everday and it would be nice to be able to start a torrent on my home pc w/ this w/o having to wait till i get home. also my 3rd pc is used exclusivly for vista testing (official tester here) and when im using it im in the other end of the house so again it would be nice to be able to start torrents w/o having to get up. also on occasion i use my pda so this would be yet another option for testing. anyways i've been using utorrent for a couple months now and i would just really like the opportunity to test out the latest and greatest you have to offer.