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  1. Is it possible to have temporary options or maybe even permanent where you can disable selected options which are not there in the previous regular releases? I say this because right now it is not possible to test this in an operating environment because well, even the old updates barely work, IE they crash or do other things without being very careful. So I cant really run this to test because it spikes my CPU usage and gives so many error messages I dont even know where to start. I am sure running it as a test program would work but that wont find most of the problems. The amount of new stuff in this version would definitely break a lot of things in a running environment.
  2. Are you using your own virus engine or does it use your own virus scanner? This would most probably be the most controversial as well as the hardest one to get working properly.
  3. Well after V2.2 started overwritting my downloaded files with empty garbage files when using the relocate command, I was forced to upgrade to V2.2.1.. But now V2.2.1 has problems with the Right click advanced set download location not getting STUCK to where I pointed it to. Now I dont blame the developers for the problems with these things since this is a very very complicated issue with many entry and exit points to do things and can get very complex with either the entire directory or some files in different areas and such. I blame the lazy people who cant just move the directory or files themselves and want to click something to do it while they browse other more important things. How can you program something to do things like this without a built in AI that can anticipate what the user wants? UT is now becomming totally useless for advanced users with functions not behaving like it should. Ofcourse people only downloading some stuff wont use any of these functions and wont affect them. But anyoen who moves stuff around and deal with multiple trackers and such will find that things dont work as expected. At least I hope UT wont delete the good files and replace them with garbage now even if the other stuff dont work right. I woudnt waste time trying to fix the issue. This will take a lot more time than you think having delt with user interfaces before and I spent most of my time trying to get that to work rather than the rest of the program. If you are going to fix it then you need to completely fix it from scratch other wise some other problems will crop up.
  4. I did not know about these changes so I thought it was a bug in ut. But even knowing is not helping since ut seems to delete files and change the old files to the new name. What I did was to make a copy of the file and point to that copy which seems to work.. But mostly I think this is my problem in not reading the help file. But I figure most people would not go read a help file and do things themselves or ask how to do it in a forum. But if its this complicated that you do have to read the help file then we go to a different level now on par with the likes of azeureus which has so many command and some are so hard to figure out that its not for beg or intermediate users. You cant tell your aunt to load up something and download this or that from there. of course there are advanced commands that only high level users would mess with and I read the help to do something. But considering I started using 300 baud modems and terminals this is something that sure confused me. at least now I dont have to whistle into the handset to start a connection.
  5. Not sure what you mean here, move the file? I did not even know such a thing existed other than move the torrent after it finished from the unfinished directory. but it should not rename move files etc other wise... Many of us seed to multiple sites etc and we cant have something automatically delete and change files when a program is not a file manager. And when you have hundreds of torrents it becomes a nightmare to even figure out whats going on when a program starts doing things like this. The relocate command was a great feature with multiple sites due to this feature as we did not have to replicate the entire file set to seed to multiple sites as only the text files inside changed.. Okay after calming down a bit I have tried to figure out how this works although I still have had no luck with some of them since some torrents have many sites and all the renaming was confusing and I gave up after trying to fix 10 or so torrents but I now know why some of the things have happened. But I have purposely not gone to see the help file on how this works to see if I can figure it out, as there are a huge number of posts on many many forums and help topics on the web on how to help people seed to many sites etc using the relocate command using the old method and this would really confuse the issue quite a bit. You should really never ever change the way a command works since the procedure would be all over the web in a few weeks anyway. And even if the new way was posted later, there would be pages and pages away from where the web search took you to. Maybe this should have been a new command like rename instead of relocate or maybe even move. The commands are inverted since what I am doing is really rename and what its doing currently is a real relocate but its already done for years the old way so too late to switch it now. Changing the old way to a new command name would just confuse and make it harder. And when people get confused and things dont work the way as expected eg by reading a help post on how to do things, you pretty much start to lose intrest in doing it with that program.
  6. Seems to be a problem with the relocate command. If I relocate to file1.txt and do a recheck it will download it and work fine. If I then go and relocate it to file2.txt it renames file1.txt to file2.txt. This should not be happening. UT should not be renaming existing files at all. It should either download file2.txt again like older versions or use an existing file2.txt if present. It should leave file1.txt as it is. This took a while to figure out since I could not understand what was happening with files disappearing and some torrents coming up and saying missing files even though they worked fine before. I know you can rename files in the same window by clicking on the file itself like many of the explorer windows and changing its name. But it should not rename it if its only changed in the file name: file location is used. I only noticed this problem since i upgraded from an older utorrent. There are also some other problems like unable to change name from file1.txt to file2.txt to file3.txt. It leaves at at file1.txt or file2.txt etc instead of the new name.. This is not renaming the file but relocating it to download to a new filename instead of the default name inside the torrent.
  7. Strange that ut seems to leave another thread behind, usually when my connection drops and when I reconnect it wont release the cpu. Even exiting ut wont fix this so I have to terminate the process and reload it. Must be multithreading and losing connection makes it get stuck. This is the only time I have noticed the high cpu usage although the rechecking is slower.
  8. I am using V2.2 23071, There seems to be a problem with the relocate command which changes the file name to use. I use multiple sites and I download from 1 site and seed to many but for some reason the txt files inside the torrents wont match at all the sites so I have to change it to multiple versions. But for some reason this version of ut will sometimes come up and say files missing and it wont accept the new file and keeps the old file name. These were completed torrents and were seeding until I restarted ut again. I was using v1.85 etc which did not have this problem. I hae to change it to entire new filename and redownload the unmacthed files to continue. This does not happen to all the torrents so I dont know what is wrong, maybe a memory leak or something. I dont change ut versions so its just that something does not get saved or over written or something that only happens in like 1 in 10 cases.
  9. You can relocate a file in this version. You can do a has recheck and when its done if you do a force start it will do a hash recheck AGAIN. Since its already just done it, why would you need to do a check yet again on it?
  10. This one still pops up the window with the message If you pad for it. The popping is fine. But more often than not, it pops it under many other windows and then you dont see anything and wonder what happened, there is no icons or windows displayed. You have to close all other windows to find the pop in between.
  11. What are the different color lines in the up/download speed window?? There is red, purple, green and blue. But it only says upload & download.
  12. Yes the crash seems to be fixed now. Had/have many problems, mostly speed and connectivity but it has never ever crashed before.
  13. WOW just had my first crash with uTorrent. Said something about do you want to send the dump to the developers then came back and said unable to send crash report to server... http send request failed. Must be the tab problem with 2922?
  14. Blocklist Balderdash? Its not to prevent identification as much as it is to prevent bandwidth theft. The torrent size does not seem to matter since they can stop even a 50-100 meg file from finishing downloading. But for larger torrents of GB sizes it is essential in many cases. If you dont know what I am talking about then it is hard to explain. But if you see a bunch of sequential IP numbers, Then that torrent has been targetted and you will mostly just get hash errors while wasting both upload and download bandwidth without getting any actual real data. An IP blocker will prevent you from downloading bad data and uploading to someone who dont need the same data a zillion times just for jollies.
  15. Okay maybe I should have been more specific... When a tracker in a tier fails it should try the next tracker in the list and stop if it gets an ok. While it should do this for each tier for each announce. Well it fails on the first tracker in a tier and stops.... rather than trying the next one in the tier... Okay it seems it works but just takes a long time to get to the next one. IE the icon turns red and stayed there for a long time and later when I checked it had gone to the next tracker.