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  1. Done that in the router's config settings as well as uninstalled UPnP from windows xp sp2 add/remove window components, disabled Windows software firewall and still receiving Logger error "unable to map UPnP port to 192.168.x.x:32459". As always, I appreciate any advice given by those more informed than I.
  2. Thanks Icedog and Firon...very helpful and will implement. Guys just to let you know I'm prolly old enough to be your grand-dad and since I've become addicted to the arkane world of IT generally my only regret that I wont be around when the effect of the technology evolves to the point that it will rival the second coming of whatever diety one happens to believes in
  3. Thank your for an extremely exhaustive and helpful mini-guide which I followed to the letter as best I could. My DSL connection speed is 1500/256 kb/s and my wireless router is D-Link dl-524 On doing so I am getting what I consider to be good d/l (average 47kb/s and u/l(average 25kb/s) speeds which by the way are much better than other bitorrent clients I had used in the past however I have two problems which in no way intended to be a complaint in any way. Firstly, after setting portforward in accordance with the information contained in the link the Logger states "unable to map UPnP to 192.168.x.x:32495 Secondly,I patched my TCPIP.sys file using LvlLord's helpful scrip which I assume is EvID4226Patch223d-en. The patch is to do with how many "maximum conconcurrent half-open connections" which I again assume increases winxp default 10 to 50 . If I attempt to key in the number of my upload speed which is 256 as per your guide, I receive a warning message essentially telling me not to. Any help you or any of the members are able to give will be appreciated. The only other request I make is that you give me fair warning if you are going to attack me with that baseball bat