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  1. Hello 1c3d0g again, Cheers for reply. I checked Openoffice twice (cant stare at screen anymore must have something better to do!!!) and: Maxed out on Download at 240 kB/s Averaged on both occassions at 230.3 kB/s I think I can live with that. The only thing I changed after previous post was checked in msconfig on what was starting up and removed more than half of items which I will rarely or never used. Seems to have worked a treat and quicker startup on computer and more stable. Still have: Zonealarm Norman Virus Control Spybot SD - Resident Tuneup Utilities 2006 Mem Optimizer
  2. Thanks 1c3d0g, much appreciated. I checked NTL website and for 2mb connection says max download 256 kB/s upload 25 kB/s. Upload seems fine averaging about 20 kB/s so that part seems fine. Just dowlnoad at 140 kB/s. I am running in background Zone Alarm Free Version Norman Virus Control Tune Up Utilities 2006 (Which changes settings for 2mb connection, not sure what though) Spybot SD - Resident Nothing else I can see which would make a difference (could be wrong). I may try OpenOffice over 3-5 occassions and jot down the average download speed to see what it gives. Any other help appreciated.
  3. I seem to be downloading fine but just a quick question: Is the following download speed correct for a 2mb connection? Green Light on Followed Quick Guide Download P2P of Open Office and Average Download Spead of 142 kB/s No wireless just direct from Modem (NTL) to Ethernet port on Desktop Any clarification appreciated.