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  1. With pleasure! Thank you for the quick reply. Almost an hour in, and so far, so good. I'm really looking forward to waking up tomorrow to the same results.
  2. Thank you very much for that explanation, Firon. I was not aware of any similar issues with previous versions. I would imagine perhaps more people would probably be complaining about this problem if so many private trackers didn't block the use of 2.0+ releases. At any rate, thank you for listening, and I'm sure any measures taken to improve the performance and resolve the resource usage issues will be greatly appreciated by everyone affected. I'm really looking forward to upgrading to the current versions very soon.
  3. Firon, it is most definitely a performance-impacting problem, the same as newuzer, Delfinok, and a few others have reported. I currently use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on an AMD Athlon X2 3800 with 4 GB of RAM. My storage options include 2 WD Raptors in a striped RAID volume, as well as a WD Black 1 TB drive that µTorrent directs all torrent downloads to. I have also excluded my torrent folder in Microsoft Security Essentials. For me, it began as soon as I opted to allow µTorrent to update itself to the first RC (2.0.1 Build 18833) as soon as it was available through the auto-update feature. It did not take long to notice that something was definitely wrong with my PC's performance after I would get home from work. As soon as I would sit down at my desk, the system would take an excruciatingly long time to open any applications, and the graphics refresh on the screen was incredibly sluggish. Task Manager (as well as the All CPU Meter gadget) indicated that every last bit (literally) of my 4 GB of RAM was being utilized, and the reads/writes to and from the paging file was causing excessive thrashing on my RAID volume. Restarting the PC would naturally clear up the problem, but only temporarily. If µTorrent runs for a few hours, the system resources are gradually consumed again. I have also witnessed the memory usage sky-rocket as soon as a torrent has completed downloading and begins to seed. Within minutes, system memory is completely saturated. Stopping that one single torrent (while leaving the other 30-ish active torrents alone) causes almost half of my system RAM to become released almost immediately. µTorrent always runs 24/7 (has for years now), and this has never been an issue before with any version prior to the one I mentioned previously. The "fixes" suggested by other members have done little to nothing in the way of accomplishing anything worthwhile. This is not about some people just being anal about how much memory is being utilized. It's about a single application causing the entire PC to become practically useless over a period of time... when it previously did not. Blame Microsoft's disk caching... fine. Blame a part of the OS that's never (in my personal experience) been an issue... fine. I suppose it's coincidence that Microsoft made these changes to their OS at the same time a new version of µTorrent was released? I still use µTorrent, because I love the program. I honestly liked the direction that 2.0 was headed, until very recently. For now, I remain on 1.8.5, as it causes no issues with system performance (with identical user-selectable settings as the problematic 2.0.1 releases).