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  1. MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'd love to test uTorrent's WebUI because: 1.) I like uTorrent, it's exremely efficient in every sense of the word, not to mention FAST, and the only 'big' feature still missing is the webinterface. I guess I just got used to emule's webui, so now that i have to VNC in order to add/stop/monitor a torrent, i find it's quite a pain. So - i want to help, and i want you to help me by not having to use vnc anymore. 2.) Fat pipe, 24/7 (1+ MB/sec DL. That's megabytes, not megabits). And I'm willing to use it 3.) I'd be using the webinterface almost exclusively, so if there's any bug or room for improvement, i guess i'll find it. btw: Connencting to it through hamachi, if it makes any difference. Joki.