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  1. Ok, but about the TCPIP-patch, I've read alot and heard alot about it. Some says it's useless, som says it's really helpful. And as I understand, it's the amount of incomplete connections that can be attempted per second. I haven't really tested different settings with this patch on uTorrent, but I will and see if it really helps as much as some people claim it does. It's also a matter of security, by adjusting this number, the risk of spreading a virus before the AV is updated about it is increasing by every connection attempt you add. This I've read, I'll put down a link while I'm at it http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t267665.html
  2. This may have been answered before, but it's a pretty long topic so I'll just put in a post about it. You write: Why such a high number? And on what basis did you decide to use the upload speed in kbits?? For people with larger bandwiths, they can put 1000 on that patch or even higher. I have been warned by others not to put this higher than 100, so why do you use the upload as an estimate? Next question is about the Maximum number of connected peers per torrent, you say divide your upload by 8 and use the number you get, in your case 16. Is it just me or is this value very low? If I let uTorrent use recommended settings on that bandwith it is set to 55. Thanks for a very good guide by the way, it really helped on my download speed in uTorrent.