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  1. Why isn't there an option to hide the App bar? The only "App" I need is torrents. EDIT: NM, just read you guys are working on this
  2. There's a small bug in build 1111 with the labels. When I move my cursor from an icon to the "Move up" icon, it shows up weird. Edit: Windows XP SP2 / Uncompressed µTorrent.
  3. It says "implemented", but I can't find that option in 1.5. There are some tray options, but there's no special option for this request! Sometimes µTorrent does startup in tray, I believe it has something to do with how you closed µTorrent the previous time. I'd like µTorrent to always startup in tray, no matter what. µTorrent is the perfect Bittorrent client. For me, this single option is the only thing that's missing.
  4. I also have the "open torrent" problem.
  5. Please stop whining about something that small. it's not worth it.