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  1. Hello there. My name is BLaZor and i would like to apply for beta testing. Long time user of uTorrent, and I'm fed up of this ram eating torrentflux. I would like to be in the beta testing because I have had experience with these kinds. I have been testing: -MSN messenger (live builds) -Windows vista and various linux distros (debian, SuSE, redhat) -Beta's of apps like torrentflux and azureus -Beta drivers, gfx cards and motherboards. -Browsers such as flock, firefox and internet explorer. I've also checked several flaws and reported them, I believe I will do a great job with uTorrent WEBUI. I also like the fact that you can access it anywhere without having to fire up RDC and access my server. Yours faithfully BLaZor ps I hope I make the cut