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  1. Im curious, what's the mem/vm/cpu usage when its emulated?
  2. You've obviously never been to OiNK's.
  3. Sanchez

    Performance improve

    It's not possible and wouldn't improve your speeds. Download the latest beta and try the speed guide, if the speeds don't improve then come back and ask in the Speed Problems thread.
  4. Sanchez

    Great programs you use

    Layout : ScubeSteves. Browser : Firefox Video Player : Media Player Classic IM : Trillian IRC : Trillian (don't use IRC enough to merit another client) VOIP : Skype Audio Player : Winamp Archiving : 7-Zip Image Editing : Photoshop Cd burning : Alcahol 120% Image Mounting : Daemon Tools AV : NOD32 Firewall : Router and Windows firewall, if that counts for anything Ftp : FileZilla Text editor/Code editor : Notepad Torrent Manager : µTorrent