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    WebUI v0.315

    Doesn't work properly under Wine in Linux. If I do any of the list/settings things, I get raw data output, which leads me to believe that the .zip isn't being accessed.
  2. The message in the log appears to be coming from the kernel, so yeah. If you got your kernel precompiled (i.e. you didn't set it up custom), ask the people who put it together what kind of debug verbosity they set vfat at.
  3. root@r2d3:/var/log# du -h 6.2M ./setup/tmp 20K ./setup/apache 6.3M ./setup 13M ./packages 24M ./removed_packages 4.1M ./removed_scripts 2.5M ./scripts 2.8M ./cups 4.2M ./apache 4.0K ./iptraf 4.0K ./nfsd 476K ./samba 4.0K ./uucp 67M . Slackware 10.2/current, custom 2.6.17 kernel. You may want to lower the debug level in your storage modules, if you're using a custom kernel.
  4. µTorrent fscking OWNS. Download bars work across every desktop, the new interface is excellent. <3 Wine and this awesome bit of software. Keep up the great work, guys.
  5. And do you have GLX/Composite/Damage enabled?
  6. I get flicker. Quite a bit of it. But then, I usually have update interval set to 1000ms or lower.
  7. We're not. I was suggesting it to Ludvig
  8. Just use the Show/Hide µTorrent thing on the system tray icon's menu. Works every time.
  9. Whaaaaat? I installed 0.9.11 yesterday o.O Man, that was fast.
  10. Wine 0.9.11 runs µTorrent flawlessly (official Slackware 10.2 package). Right down to the tetris. Incidentally, it may be worth trying a winelib-compiled version of µTorrent - then Linux users can have a native executable without any code changes. (At least, that's what I remember of winelib, there may be some minor changes required). PS: Whoot for µTorrent and its awesomeness.