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  1. Here's an interesting one for you. Previously I had been using v0.310, running through stunnel and using the firefox extension which allows you to use https. Utorrent is set to only allow connections on localhost so the only access to the the webui remotely is via stunnel i.e. SSL. When using the latest WIP v0.362 of the WebUI everything works fine except the Preferences page appears blank except for the left menu. Back in the early days of the firefox extension I modified it to copy the whole URL including the "https" instead of it attempting to use the normal http thereby adding supporting SSL. I wonder if something similar is happening with the latest WebUI? Note that this only happens when connecting remotely via stunnel, if I am local on the machine the WebUI works just fine (but I'm not use https). The fix for this might be very simple (it was for the firefox extension) so I'm just letting you know. Cheers, and great work on WebUI!
  2. I have just installed the new web ui 0.361, previously I was using 0.310, but when I upgraded uTorrent I had to upgrade the webui too. Now all I get is a web page without any CSS working. It just looks like a list of everything on the page without any formatting and will having loading with rotating symbol beside it forever. I'm using uTorrent 1.85 build 17414 Any ideas? P.S. I also tried this URL but it made no difference: http://YourIP:UTport/gui/?action=setsetting&s=webui.cookie&v={} Already found the answer. Using the 0.362 WIP fixed all the issues!
  3. MAY have found a bug. If I click the settings button (Purple button with a tick on it) I get the preferences page as you would expect. But if I click ok the page redirects to the webui at my alternative listening port. Since I'm using stunnel this page is not retrieveable as it should go to the webui at the port stunnel is listening on... Should the webui be pulling the port from the url instead of the alternative listening port on the settings page? If this has been posted already, my bad, I tried searching but this topic is huge!
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