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  1. I just have to say that, this release didn't work for me. I even started to really getting desperate when I didn't find my old good 2.0 version (build 18488), but thank god I found it. I checked and re-checked every advanced settings that you guys explain in detail about version 2.0.1 but no mater what, my download speed for a 3 Mbit connection with the new version its around 60Kb/s. When I start the 2.0 version torrents immediately jump to 300 Kb/s download speed. It is just perfect the way it was. I don't know why the new version changes were so catastrophic to the download speed or overhead but none of the advanced settings I tried worked at all. Sorry, I will stick to the old version that is working perfectly for me without the need to manually configure anything or even reading forums just to download at my current connection speed. Anyway, as always, GOOD WORK, on uTorrent its a great program, but there a many many problems with this new version and I don't think every user will care about the advanced settings, if it does not work out of the box as the previous version, it is a serious problem. To Developers: PLEASE, keep a LINK in your main download page to the 2.0 version !, every link I found in the forums to 2.0 version actually downloads 2.0.1 ! EDIT: disabling net.calc_overhead actually solved my problem, please disable it by default!