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    µTorrent WebUI

    @pablo81 heh, no. i placed the folder with the torrent files on my box.
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    µTorrent WebUI

    Hey, i'm not sure but i think that i uncovered a little bug with WebUI 0.371. About option "Automatically load .torrents from:" in tab "Directories". i wanted to add 100+ torrents to my box with that option, i wrote the path folder that contains all those *.torrent files i want to add, and it won't add those torrents. i waited at least 30 minutes but nothing done. I tried this option on other box i own and the same result: nothing. You got it working? or it's just me? P.S. I tried stopping utorrent client and turn it on again, but it won't scan my folder and still won't add those torrents.