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  1. Hi, i would really like to sign up for the WebUI beta testing! I have 3 computers, one being a server running Windows XP Pro, one being Win XP Home and my laptop being Win XP Tablet Edition. I use my server to do 'download jobs'. What i have done is shared a folder on the network that is on my server, and then i put a torrent file in it, and using uTorrent's built in function, it automaticly starts downloading the torrent with out any other configuring. Once the download has finished, the downloaded file(s) is put into a finished download folder. The WebUI would be an great feature to use with my server because i have to look on my server's desktop to check how the torrent is doing, the WebUI would change this and i would be able to check it much quicker and i would also be able to check it remotely. I use a belkin wireless router, so i can also test to see if everything is working fine with uTorrent. Question: Does the WebUI include a feature so that i can add a torrrent to uTorrent remotely? I really hope i can test out this great new feature! edit (again): i forgot to add, i could also try this webUI out on my PSP, and see how that likes it , I'm also doing a software development course at college, so using beta software and seeing how its developed may help me Thanks Thanks, Dave