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  1. Hi everyone. I have been following this thread and just registered so that I could give my two cents about this release (2.0.1), which is quite different than everyone's experience who is complaining here in this thread. For me, 2.0.1 has been an intensely rewarding release. The congestion control has actually enabled me to use uTorrent at high bandwidth without destroying the network for everyone else in my house and in my small office / lab. Before 2.0.1, I had a maximum throughput of just less than a megabit on my home network, using uTorrent. After 2.0.1, I am literally seeing in excess of 1.8 megabit throughput. This has been totally confusing for me, but I have been doing some measurements and it appears that this is correct. I am an American living in South East Asia, and I am not sure if this new uTorrent is simply evading a torrent limiter that my ISP is using, or something about the packet shaping that is being done is 2x as efficient for me, but the results have been astonishing. Not only have I been experiencing much higher bandwidth downloads, but I turned on the advanced option for bandwidth limiting on TCP traffic only, and then set my bandwidth limits very low (10kB/sec and 5KB/sec). This ensures that I squelch TCP traffic in favor of uTP traffic. Once I made this change, I was still getting 180kB/sec downloads, but I could then go to on a separate machine and verify my full bandwidth on my line. Speedtest was showing me more than 1.5 Mbit download and my full upload bandwidth while uTorrent was doing it's thing. The uTP traffic shaping algorithm works PERFECTLY. I share my Internet with my wife and my brother in law and I used to get complaints about the network all the time. uTorrent 2.0.1 is my Hero! I understand the complaints that others are making about small packet size and redundant packets adding to the protocol overhead for uTP, and there may very well be room for improvement here, but your queues are emptying out, your TCP traffic no longer has to fight with your bittorrent traffic and at least in my case, my throughput has almost doubled as a result of something that is not yet obvious to me. Listen everyone, uTP will always show a bit more wavyiness in bandwidth graphs, because it responds quickly to changes in network weather. It will not FORCE itself upon your network. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. If you really want to see the beauty of this protocol, enable bt.ratelimit_tcp_only, drop your bandwidth limits to 5kB/sec or so (throttle your use of TCP to the bare minimum), and let uTorrent do everything with uTP. Try it for a while and see how everyone else on your network responds (hint: HURRAY!). You may even be surprised to find out that things are going faster than you expected them to. Good job devs! Great stuff!