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  1. lol - silly me, I forgot to set the "When uTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal" setting. I wonder if that is the reason why Web UI didn't update the torrent seeding ratio override?
  2. I find that C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe (3.0 64-bit build 25422) on Windows 7 64-bit appears to ignore my settings for torrent seed ratio and Files > "Don't download" options, i.e. continuing to seed indefinitely and downloading all files. Also if I try to adjust seed ratio via Web UI then the setting change does not apply.
  3. @beto113, I want to be able to remove the torrent from WebUI download list and delete the torrent file, but leave the downloaded data at home for viewing later. Currently all I can do is remove the entry, leaving the torrent. The uTorrent client has an option to 'Remove and Delete torrent', can someone please add support for this to the WebUI? Assuming uTorrent has made such functionality available via its API.
  4. Will "Remove and delete torrent" ever be supported in WebUI? It bothers me that I can't remotely fully clean up downloads without later having to delete from torrents from my folder at home.
  5. I suspect my use of GZip compression settings on Apache running locally might be the interference, though as to how I'm unsure. I'll try the un-gzip'd file technique. Note: Disabling mod_deflate and restarting Apache did not appear to have an effect.
  6. Using uTorrent 1.8 (latest) with WebUI 0.361 (latest) in either IE7 or Firefox 3.0.1 causes the "Loading..." problem for me, similar to how others have described it. I have reinstalled uTorrent at home, redownloaded, placed the file correctly, unblocked it from Internet zone, used the cookie reset request, etc. to no avail. The observable problem is that the CSS styles (and others) have not been applied. I used Fiddler2 to investigate the HTTP traffic and discovered an issue decoding the GZip compression, which reported "compressed data contains an invalid header signature". In looking at the response for /gui/main.css I saw the header "Content-Encoding: gzip" yet plain text data in the body, which explains the earlier error. Please look into fixing the GZip encoding mismatch, either within uTorrent or by removing the content encoding header property. Or let me know if there's something I can do to correct this. Please also note that I can view WebUI at home locally just fine, this is only an issue when accessing from elsewhere.