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  1. 1. In which country you are? (privacy window appears for certain countries only) Finland. I use a VPN from time to time and could have possibly been connected to one when updated and launched this version of utorrent for the first time, if that makes a difference. 2. Does window appears on computer restart or just program restart? Every program restart 3. When you close "privacy" window, which option you are using? ([x] button, agree, etc...) Any way I close it, doesn't matter. 4. On which version of the utorrent you are? 3.5.5 (45660), in portable mode. 45449 worked fine and this issue was introduced to me with 45660. 5. Did you modify any settings, if yes, which settings are changed? Ages ago when I installed the program, a whole bunch of them sure.
  2. Getting this nag screen at every client start as well, even if decline the choices. 3.5.5 build 45660.
  3. 2.2 autoupdate -> endless crash loop.