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  1. this problem is present from utorrent 3.0 onwards..(2.2 used to do this) os: windows 7 32 bit sp1 If utorrent is already installed and then i try to update it manually through a setup file (have to do this because utorrent does not always notify that there is a new update) ,the setup runs and nothing happens.. I have to manually exit utorrent and then rerun the setup.. I think the correct behavior should be : it should detect if utorrent is already installed or running if it is running and it is a older version,the it should kill the current process and then installed the new version. pls let me know if its "me" specific problem ...
  2. thanks rafi for the skin..its looks much better and visible now inspite of repeated complaining by no of users why didnt the developers reconsider changing the colors b4 the stable release i dont understand....
  3. yesi havetried it ... the problem with that feature is utorrent will be paused even if i am interacting with an application which does not require the internet like games or ms office .. It would be better if utorrent would function the same way it used to do in 2.2
  4. I started using utorrent 3.0 from the betas and have noticed this problem from the start... when ever utorrent is active downloading in the background , i am unable to browse the web or do any http downloads (even small downloads). I Always have to pause or stop the torrents. This was not an issue in utorrent 2.2 which used to slowdown automatically which was even visible in the speed graph.As far as i know this is why UTP protocol was developed and implemented into utorrent.. http://ll.www.utorrent.com/help/documentation/utp This feature was the only reason why i was sticking to utorrent inspite of extra overhead it takes which means a lot on my slow internet connection.. Also i have seen the developers are concentrating more on the UI instead of performance. Guys please confirm if you all are too facing this issue or i am the only one...
  5. But that is not what I want to do. If I check minimize to tray, it will go to tray when I click minimize button (I have close to tray button, so it goes to tray when I click X button). But what I want is to start in tray when I turn on my computer, so I won't be annoyed. That's what this option "Minimize at system start" is meant for. With version 2.x, and the same options checked it do what I WANT it to do and what it SHOULD do. Regards P.S. maybe I didn't explained properly because English is not my first language. EDIT: Why would anyone ever want to start uTorrent in restored state when Windows start? Much more useful option would be "Open in tray when Windows start", and that's what minimize at sys tray did in previous version. Yes i too am facing this issue..the utorrent window remains maximised when the system starts.. os: win 7 sp1 32bit ps:facing this issue after updating to the latest stable version
  6. the tray icon disappears even on the stable version...happens randomly sometimes on system reboots heres a screenshot :: OS :windows 7 32bit with service pack 1 EDIT:: I did not mess wth the tray icon settings in torrent
  7. got this error "Invalid access to memory" in one of the torrents Initially i downloaded only a sample and then went to download the full torrent that's when the error started occurring.. it does not correct on a force recheck see image: build :25377 os: win 7 32 bit sp1
  8. this never happped to me ...my os:win 7 32bit sp1 & build:25345 please report your os and build for the devs
  9. i have found an minor GUI bug ... the playback button lags when the horizontal scroll bars are moved.... this only happens when the columns are large and only for the selected torrent heres the screenshot where i managed to catch the bug in action :
  10. @articuno1au : my line speeds as assigned my ISP is 320 kbps i.e 40 KBPS in utorrent 3.0 speeds touch till 34-35 KBPS which is full considerring the overheads...
  11. I should say this that utorrent 3.0 has been providing with better speeds and also i have noticed is that it takes less overhead as compared to 2.2.1. BUT 2.2.1 used to reduce its speed while i used to access the internet (one of the reasons for which the utp protocol was developed i suppose). This behaviour is not seen in 3.0 thus i have to manually pause the torrents before using the internet.. is the behavior for utp been changed?????
  12. @adamk nice summary i would like to mention a few bugs i have noticed --> posted here -> but still have not been resolved. (1)Speed graph for "Transfer History " enables and disables on its own without providing any input. (2) - IPv6 button bugI am facing this bug even in the latest 25327 build. sombody please confirm this .... (3)the minify interface bug Clipping of the torrent name text in minify view (4)Finally please revert the colors back to they were before. this is not a matter of choice but visibilty....
  13. theres a bug with the install ipv6 button..the button is enabled even if ipv6 is installed. when clicked it gets disabled but when the preferences dialog is opened again it is still enabled check screen shot: admins pls respond.somtimes i feel nodbodys listenin
  14. the hidden tray icon bug has come again....it has happened more than once see screenshot :
  15. who is selecting this shitty colors?? some things are not even visible like the pieces in "Files tab"... please revert back .....