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  1. I have noticed that Utorrent takes up the whole cpu cycles of 1 core if It downloads any faster than about 1MB/s,. it becomes VERY unresponsive. Anybody Have any idea why ?
  2. I can confirm tabs are still blank.
  3. Move it. I have, QUICKY. but some might not know how often utorrent actualy writes to the drive and not just for the torrent.
  4. Déjà vu... nothing new' date=' we've seen it all in 3.3.1... life is like a cycle...uT too...[/quote'] +1 no info, No files shown, No peers, no trackers, blah blah blah. Also stupid thing installed to %appdata and not D:/program files/utorrent like before, Who wants it in %appdata writting to your SSD all the time, This would make it an SSD killer app, Literally
  5. you cant sort the orded by clicking on added date or finished date.
  6. Firon, so BOTH uremote for pc AND iphone broke at the SAME time when µtorrent build 18973 was installed ???? Thats some coincidence. So what about the HIGH CPU and memory usage in the later builds that are missing in the earlier builds ? Also if UREMOTE is broke how come it works with EARLIER builds of utorrent and the CURRENT build of BITTORRENT ????
  7. µRemote 2.3.2 doesn´t work with µtorrent build 18973 and newer it worked fine in build 18833. also the iphone app uremote 1.3 doesn´t work with µtorrent build 18973 and newer it worked fine in build 18833. SAME problem t-xdk had on page 4 of this thread. Also noticed this a few times 49% CPU usage (thats all of 1 core on a E6600) Tried quitting Utorrent and waiting for the utorrent.exe to go from task manager then restarting it but still at 40+%. NONE of my files are rechecking or anything when I get his.
  8. when adding a new torrent (from a web link) and Utorrent isn't opened all utorrent does is open. I have to click the torrent again to add ir.
  9. I too have the 'windows ran out of memory. unable to allocate -48 bytes. please close some applications and press ok' EVERY time I try to open the main window on XP X64 SP2.