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  1. TPB is taken by big brother, could be related
  2. hehe, onestly. I think this does more harm than good.. First time i read it i thought, when did i pay for this? and credic card wtf?? + I have a personal distaste for popups with lines like "credic card " and "charged you money"
  3. let me guess, to improve speed
  4. hehe, you dont wanna put presure on him do you..
  5. If your monitor is bad, are you sure you should complain.. I like the colors. A little blocky layout though.
  6. But Ludde said he needs some help deciding To be continue..
  7. um.. I counted to almost 9 pages clean text I think u abuse the word mini
  8. Eum... It has nothing to do with high bandwith. 8 Bits ARE one byte, no exception. If you dont get to that speed thats your problem, common causes would be protocoll overhead. And most dsl isps etc NEVER reaches maximum speed stated, it varies with distance. Have to agree, this aint no mini guide. Its a HUGE tutorial
  9. I think his baby is of more value than a simple logo. But hey, thats just me.. /me thinks this thead is way of topic..
  10. Indeed /Me waits for 1.3 bugfix edition 2445 before i upgrade
  11. Angry linux fanboys, go figure..
  12. well, 150+ posts. And just a few good logos yet. Go for quality, not quantity.
  13. I think the purpose of this thread is to make your OWN logo..
  14. um... micro, as the ENTIRE GLOBE??