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  1. Can't get rid of the Antivirus column. Disable it and it comes right back even when changing categories.
  2. It comes up for me every time I start µTorrent. Well, the first time it asked me to create a question and response. Since then, it asks me to answer, and it's impossible to give it a successful answer. I've tried it with two different installations and two different names/questions/answers, with the same results.
  3. Me too. I disabled the remote feature till it will be fixed. Me four.
  4. Just bought a new laptop last night (yay, Black Friday!), What's the easiest way to transfer my torrents from one computer to another, and have them pick up where they left off (external drive being used will also be moving to the new computer).
  5. I had the same thing happen last night. Tried a force recheck, and had to shut down µTorrent with the Task Manager.
  6. Nope... a 'regular' one... Are you serious?
  7. Hi Tarkus; Use F7 (Also Options | Show Category List) I know, but I'm more of a mouse guy. Not a big deal, but I did use it a lot.
  8. I miss the toggle for showing the category list.
  9. There is so much on that dialog now, you've probably ran out of room. I only have two or three lines of files displayed here at a time.
  10. FYI, I'm talking about the add torrent dialog appearing behind other programs, with uTorrent minimized to systray. Sometimes it comes to the front and sometimes it doesn't. I almost always have uTorrent minimized, so I've not experienced the problem of it appearing behind uTorrent itself.
  11. Is automatic updating supposed to be working? It's telling me there are no updates available.
  12. In the window that comes up when adding a torrent, it would be nice if each section was collapsible (and remembered). The area that shows the file list is getting a bit tiny on my display, and that's the most important part for me. Speaking of that window, sometimes it's brought to the front, and other times I have to Alt-Tab to get to it. That's probably a Windows issue, but it would be nice if some type of workaround could be programmed.
  13. I'm not opposed to that. I'm just saying what I was asking for should be pretty simple to implement. But if they want to take it even further, that's cool too.
  14. I think perhaps I made it sound more complicated than what I was hoping for. You already have two different colors, one for downloading and one for seeding completed torrents. Torrents are blue while downloading, with a completion percentage shown. When they're completed, the status bar turns green, but otherwise doesn't show any useful info. All I'd like to see is it show a percentage of ratio seeded, in terms of bytes, just like it does for downloads. There is already a ratio column, so the info is already available. In fact, this would allow us to remove the ratio column, because it would be redundant. I'm not talking about showing seed percentage while downloading; I'm only talking about completed torrents, when the bar turns green. (So maybe the ratio column wouldn't be redundant after all.)
  15. I prefer all my settings to reside in the same directory as the program itself (my programs are on drive D).