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  1. This is awesome... Thank's for that great work.
  2. Last two months, an ISP named OTEnet, here in Greece, seems to throttle "Peer to Peer" traffic, using Traffic Shaping with "Deep Packet Inspection" technics. The Packet Inspection that this ISP uses, detects the encrypted traffic also. Users using uTorrent v1.7.7 (or bellow) are saying that the encryption doesn't tricks the "Traffic Shaping" that implements this ISP. Beta testers of uTorrent v1.8 are saying that the encryption of this version works just great. , that demostrates the throttling. (Greek audio without subtitles).The Video is posted by three users from community, and it is discussed in this thread (Greek Language).
  3. So... I must be happy here in Greece. All ISPs here, DON'T throttle/shape bittorrent traffic. Cool. Isn't it?
  4. I am using μTorrent since version 1.5. I was using Azureus before but it consumed a lot of cpu and memory. I am very happy with μTorrent. I love all the tiny apps all over the Internet. Thank all of you who invented the μTorrent.