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  1. Am I correct in thinking that the bug that enabled the "Append .ut to files names" when "Show current speed in title bar" was ticked (and visa-versa), is now fixed? Seems to be, and wasn't mentioned in changelog. P.S: Not complaining about changelog, just want confirmation about fix.
  2. - Feature: Ability to right click a peer that uses bitcomet or azureus and have them "updated" to µTorrent. ...oh what? that's not real?
  3. I can't believe how freaking long I've just spent reading this entire thread.. I liked the tribal guy "micro" right up until the bees, where it suddenly felt very dated. The winning bee is nice and does definitely suit the website well. However, I do think the original bees BSH did had character (which was the reason I liked the "micro" tribal guy). I don't get that feel from the bee that was chosen. Also I wanted to request a modification of one of the original bees BSH did, but haven't been able to think how to phrase what I mean. So I did a quick mock-up of it (basically it's a combination of different bees - look out for the switched eyes). Sorry for the modification, if BSH does the modification himself I can edit this out. Although I don't expect it as the design wasn't selected. Anyway, congratulations on the win.
  4. With a history of using bloated "file sharing" programs such as Kazaa, BitComet, etc... utorrent is shockingly light-weight. It's nice to be able to seed and leech in the background whilst getting on with the daily computer use, and being able to forget utorrent is even running. *Raises a beer to ludde and utorrent's community*