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    BEncode Editor

    Problem solved for me at least. Searching eventually led me to the online documentation for my server's configuration file. It had been so long since I had to look at the config file that I forgot that I could force the announce URL on download and on upload if an incorrect one was supplied. I still think that what I asked about above would be a nice feature though.
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    BEncode Editor

    Nice torrent editor. I have used it on individual torrent files but I have a need to change the announce URL in all of the torrents in a tracker I run. BEncode works great but it would take me forever to manually edit over 2500 torrent files. I only want to move the Tracker to a sub-domain... so to speak. I have my forums on and the tracker on No problem there but... I am a member of the Honey Pot Project to fight spam etc. and I'm involved in a beta test of a spinoff from that project and that necessitates splitting the tracker off to a sub-domain so that tracker traffic can bypass the proxy that is involved in the test. I have Googled myself to death trying to find an editor that would allow me to point it to a folder containing the torrent files, give it the new URL and tell it to change 'all' and save them in place or in another folder, it doesn't matter which. I have had no luck with Google... Does anyone know of a reliable torrent editor that can do a mass edit in this manner? Or could this be a feature added to BEncode?