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  1. Ryrynz: Before when I have it configured to move to a different directory on the same drive, partially downloaded content were always deleted automatically. not sure why this behavior changed when the move is to a different drive. I do have pre-allocation enabled. why do you ask? thanks.
  2. is this the new stable? on the download page it has "µTorrent Stable (3.2.1 build 28086)", but clicking on the on the Release Notes link underneath it points to µTorrent 3.2 stable (27568) Does anyone know if 3.2.1 fixes the problem where if I have utorrent monitor a directory for torrent to automatically load, it doesn't load files with unicode characters? I am also running into an issue where I have utorrent setup to move my finished download to another drive. It does move it, but it moves all the files, files that I have explicitly marked don't download. thanks