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  1. Anyway to always stop magnet links creating a dir named after the magnet link if you have uTorrent 3.2 beta set to open the add new torrent window whenever new torrents/magnets are added? Currently to get it to work correctly you need to manually delete the magnet link from the Name field every-time or disable the 'add new torrent' window then it works as it should.
  2. Same type of issue with this build. Installed over previous working beta. Settings are to move completed files from default directory to another directory. Logger shows files are supposedly being moved, but physically don't move from original directory. Files need to be manually moved to correct directory to continue seeding. Win7 x64
  3. Same here, download gives me 18833 build. Auto update in utorrent tells me there's a new 18834 build but gives a download error when trying to update. Obviously fixed no longer getting the new build update window.