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    WebUI v0.315

    @ICleolion: thanks for your fast answer! Port is forwarded (happy green smile ) and second: my ip is dynamic, but even then could i write in my browser (ff) http://dynamic-ip:µPort/gui/ and it should work ?!?! but it don't- from Lan it works perfectly, that's because i asked if something special had to be allowed (http-access) or similar in the router config (ADSL modem router from devolo ).... maybe you can even handle this request please ? Thank you forwarded
  2. Nero

    WebUI v0.315

    is there a way to explain me the way to get it work from extern ? on LAN everything is fine, but if i try my ip and port (also tried the alternative port 8080(and forwarded ) to contact it says: no connection to server possible http isnt blocked and something more please ! Help me
  3. Nero

    WebUI v0.315

    same problem like Murphy or tbird: no connection over extern but intern function is very well everything is routed perfectly so what is the secret??? is it pos. to route twice?
  4. And I've got problems with the beta, too. µ1.5=upload is stable at the limit I'd set. µ1.5.1(460/462)=upload changes from 1~2kb to 14~16kb within 10 seconds than it is stable for some seconds and crashing again to 0kb.... I've thought about this for a while but ????? So I've you know something, i would be very grateful