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  1. I dont really see a problem with my WRT54G, with the Linksys firmware (v4.20.7), sometime i use Sveasoft, but i have problema with the wireless part. So, anyway i will do that change to DDR or HyperWRT, and just to see if i get any performance.
  2. Thanks Firon, i see that option and its cool with me
  3. Feature: Setting to determine the number of µTorrent users. what is this
  4. Thanks Firon for the fast asnwers Speaking about the flags, i see an H in a lot of peers, but i dont see what the H means in that link Firon.
  5. i see that option in the Advanced options, but now is false, this means, utorrent dont download the first/last piece first??
  6. In the Other Options tab, theres the option to enabled that feature
  7. In the Peers view, i see again my WAN IP and my LAN IP