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  1. Well somehow it locked me out, I totally forgot that feature had been implimented, and sure enough hit the boss key and I couldn't get back in. Tried no pass, tried all my usual pass', nothing. The astrix were 6 characters, although that generally means nothing. There must be some sort of password that goes in that slot on first install, otherwise it wouldn't have asked me.
  2. Oh and it's still rather insecure. I just killed the process and restarted, Everything was there as normal. Hardly security.
  3. So, no mention of an auto-selected bosskey password? Care to mention the default pass somewhere. I managed to lock myself out after I accidentally pressed my boss key, I hadn't even set a password yet.
  4. youtele.com (uganada for sure, possibly india as well.) ISP's page links to http://www.youbroadband.in/
  5. Except it only takes one experienced hacker to implement it into an exploit and then all the little script kiddies will have a hay day messing with your system. Trust me, using an exploit that's already been written is about the easiest thing in the world to do.
  6. Will 2.2 and 3.0 be receiving the DLL fix in the near future as well?
  7. Slow download on your client or on other applications?
  8. Just noticed that as well, my active section is all over the place, (lists 0 but there is two active) My completed and downloading are working fine however. Another confirmation here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=81586
  9. Try right clicking on one (or more) and see if you can click remove there.
  10. Love the new view options as well, keep up the good work
  11. normally I'd say to press F4, F5, and F7 to show the rest of the screen (for some reason its hiding them) but just go to the options tab at the top and enable the three associated with those buttons. Once your category view is back you can click torrents on the left side.
  12. No its not just you, some keyboard functions were buggy in this release. Same with F4-F7 enabling and disabling visual components.
  13. SnakeDoctor, check your cache settings, they're probably set really high.
  14. 2.1 has been changed to 3.0 due to some pretty major new features (read the first post on this topic)
  15. No Harpin, that does not necessarily mean that. Your error indicates that norton is blocking the port, it detects that the port is unused (At the moment) and blocks it permemantly for security reasons. They may still be throttling but you will have to successfully unblock it and allow utorrent through the firewall (norton) before you can even find out.
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