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  1. i think process IO priority is handled by the system, in Resource Monitor (windows vista and 7) EDIT: sorry, had not thought my answer and your question properly i was saying since on windows the IO priority is a system handled thing, that on other OS's the system would handle it respectivley but i don't use linux (for example) as much as windows so i cant be for certain (but you can do almost anything on linux )
  2. maybe a dumb question but what does the yellow mean i couldnt get the damn img tag to work so this link
  3. i myself do some administrative/user help work, i do understand some people/users are just arrogant towards "admins" and expect them/everyone esle to magically fix the issues they encounter (even self-imposed ones) :mad: i myself have been helped by you and i find your help to be well structured towards people i do not despise you or dreadwingknight with that said i think we/i should end it there otherwise this thread will be all about us and our views on administration and what use is that to the users?
  4. i have the same thing sometimes, with torrenting (in my opinion) the fact u connect and disconnect from so many peers so quickly, makes it it hard for an ETA to be accurately guessed, it is also variable with ur speed so if one of them or both (Uploading/Downloading) are bouncing around like crazy then it is another obstacle in guessing ETA i might be wrong but so as long as your download is progressing you should be fine
  5. i never said you had to be, i said i prefer to be nice , and being nice is not a line of work, it is a virtue, though your information is helpful it comes across to readers with daggers however lets settle on "What we do is each's own"
  6. whats your speeds on upload and download and the file size?, it can be ETA your upload which may be zero
  7. who said i was avoiding anti-p2p? i dont give a crap about them , i just wanted to know how it worked i didnt claim to be nice either, but i preffere it personally
  8. yeah me too, can someone point me to how not sharing your ip with peers works?
  9. Utorrent doesn't seem to pay attention to my seeding limits (i use percentage) it just keeps seeding, Bug?
  10. ahhhh! thank you I dont like streaming media myself but if it benefits other peers well then i don't mind i spent ages thinking to myself what do these peers have in common
  11. Hey guys i did not notice until just now, but why are some of my peers really light blue, it also applies to some of the pieces in my pieces tab
  12. I dont see this error when i seed, what are the settings on your seeding torrent? (initial seeding, etc..)
  13. This is how i set mine in 3.0 20814 and it works for me make sure the Torrent Store folder and Autoload Folder are not the same too otherwise yes it might be a bug
  14. Thats odd , Mines doing it fine, maybe flick that setting append !ut to off and close utorrent then re-open and turn it back on however, i am no expert and i do not claim to be