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  1. Directrix: I'd like to have a testing on this one. There's no special reason for it other than the ones mentioned in your post: multiple OS'es with all possible browsers installed. I also happen to have the godly gift of finding all possible and impossible unexpected errors as well. (ask Firon about it ;P )
  2. First step: Read the FAQ Second step: Follow the instructions in the FAQ Link
  3. Animorc


    Morphine. Only addesses ending with .com and .net are mapped.
  4. Animorc


    flags.conf has 249 mapped entries.
  5. Animorc


    Please remove all links to torrentsites containing illegal torrents. They are not allowed on our forums! And don't post anything that much off-topic in a thread lilke this.
  6. Animorc


    It's probably not an issue about letter casing since already has a lowercase mapping. The same goes for and all other failing hostnames in my list. You might want to edit the first post btw "The .conf doesn't have very many hosts since it only has what I've personally seen in the last few minutes." That sentence doesn't fit very good anymore I think.
  7. Animorc

    Flags is already mapped as DE, but for some reason it doesn't work. Search the flags.conf file for and you'll see.
  8. Animorc


    m7b: Put it like this instead:|KW|KW Edit: This one seems to be unmapped as well:|CS There's something funny about the current flag mapping. A large bunch of recently correct flags are now forgotten.,, and are only examples of them.
  9. hackea: As mentioned in the first post: " For the full changelog, please see: "
  10. justanotherperson: Oh, well it does look correct, so I can't say anymore about that Perhaps the site checks your browser ident before letting you download or so... :/ kokoko3k: Sort by the # column and the torrents will be moved with the move up/down buttons. Alsancak: There is an option for it: Options -> Preferences -> "Show dialog when adding new torrents" Check it to have it on and uncheck it to have it off (naturally). Also, you can't have the torrents download automatically to a set folder since that will bring no popup at all.
  11. justanotherperson: Sorry to be persistent, but please post the complete url entered in the list. (Of course, edit out the uid and pass information)
  12. justanotherperson: Are there two different feeds? rss.xml and rssdd.xml? Also, note the semicolon, ;, between uid and pass The reason for my doubt is that I get the exact same result as you if I mistype the cookie string.
  13. justanotherperson: You need to set the address using the :COOKIE: format if it's a private tracker that requires you to log in. If the url to the rss feed is "", set it to "********;pass=********" You can find the uid and pass information in the cookies in your web-browser (if you are logged in to the torrent-site of course)
  14. ignorantcow: As usual I can't keep my hands off of other's work, but with the lack of contrast on my monitor, I can hardly see the different colors in the menu. These colors are very similar to the original ones, but makes the page look clearer from my view at least: div#navi { background: #dfefd7; } div#navi ul li span { background: #d4e4d1; } div#navi ul li a:hover { background: #e8f8e6; text-decoration: underline; } Edit: I forgot to say Great job
  15. Animorc


    "Still, what to do about ccTLD that aren't really used for their country?" I think they should have the flag of their own country even if they are publicly open.