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  1. OK kids, my mistake. Thought this was a technical forum, but I see we're talking 'bout faith here. No way to argue against that! Seeya!
  2. Ok knight, u won. Makes you happy? Good! It's quite clear you understood every word I wrote. Cheers!
  3. Ok, this is the last post i'm making on this particular subject. Guess I already made my point clear enough. As I write, I'm happily seeding/leeching 10 torrents with my old an trusty @Lord Alderaan: Of course I can only make guesses on the code since the source is not open. Otherwise I would have to reverse engineer it, something I won't certainly do. I admire ludde's work and will say once more uT is a great piece of code. But code is one thing and policy is a quite different thing. As to whether "not a single thing that actually justifies these suspicions of µtorrent" let's give it some time & feedback. This release is just too recent. @knight: The information collected form a form posted by yourself is infinitely richer than a simple IP list. In a NORMAL post, you surrender your OS, geographical location, browser & client ID and all the variables found in a HTTP header. That's the case of a NORMAL post header. In a "tweaked" post, and depending on how tweaked it is, you can surrender almost every bit of information stored on your PC. Get the concept?
  4. Yeah right, but grabbing a peerlist at elite's is not the same as your sending the info form ur own computer, right? Concept of "redhandedness"? @BritBrat: I'm quite sure it WILL get banned on lots of sites, at least the upgrades will.
  5. If by the "idiots posting FUD" you mean me, I didn't bother to answer 'cause I thought it was a "retorical question". Maybe it takes one to know another. Well, now I see it wasn't, so let me tell you what the MPAA could do with a piece of code you yourself install in your computer (I'm not saying they DO, I'm just saying they COULD): Get your IP, what u're downloading or uploading, from/to who's IPs, for how long, how many bytes, at what time, from which ISP... Short of getting your Social Security number (& maybe that too, if you store it on the PC). It has been found recently that Azureus has been doing this sort of thing for a couple of years, and Az IS OPEN SOURCE -12 Mb of open source code, though, that's a lot of lines- Should I continue? Do you get where the "suspicion" comes from? I never said uTorrent's code is or will be doing such things. But as I said before, if u work for Micro$oft, u don't write "genuine advantage" cheats, do you?
  6. But OF COURSE µT is the very best BT client ever around!!! May God forbid we shoud go back to Az or B-Tornado. That's what most pisses me off, that the best client around is now tainted with suspicion!
  7. Ok, re-read the whole thread and can't honestly say you claimed I flamed ludde or the client. I apologise for that. Maybe it is true that MPAA has no control over µT but programmaticaly, transitive flow goes like this: MPAA(funds) => BitTorrent(funds) => µTorrent Now you tell me honestly if this doesn't look suspicious...
  8. Guess you got it wrong, buddy. Have never bashed ludde/µTorrent. Being a programmer myself, I can't but admire ludde's work. And as you say, I'm a long-time user, and just like you, have a right to my opinion. You are supposed to moderate the forum, not to flame it...
  9. I've always updated uT ASAP. However, uTorrent is no longer the uTorrent we used to trust... The MPAA is funding uT development now. And sourcecode remains unattainable. I don't think I'll upgrade any more.