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  1. Bug with RC2 that shows up under both Windows and Linux (wine). Bug #1: When changing port through Setup Guide, and pressing "Save & Close" port does not get changed. Bug that seems to only affect Linux (wine) Bug #2: Upload/Add torrent through WebUI it broken. wine-1.1.34 with latest WebUI Thanks, Andrei
  2. I still seem to be having 2 issues with latest RC under wine. 1. When I try to add torrent through WebUI by upload or a link, it does not work. 2. Changing port through Speed Guide, does not save the port when clicking "Save & Close" Let me know if I can help debugging any of these. Thanks, Andrei
  3. I am still having an issue with WebUI with build 17341 where I cannot upload/add a torrent through WebUI. I am running latest wine and tried both versions of WebUI (0.361 and 0.362) The last version where WebUI uploading works sees to be 17127.
  4. I was using WebUI v0.361 at first, and once it stopped working I tried WebUI v0.362, which also did not work.
  5. @DreadWingKnight: I am also having the same issue where I cannot upload torrents using WebUI. Running latest wine does not fix the issue: # wine --version wine-1.1.33
  6. I am having a little problem with uTorrent not closing sockets propertly under Wine. This seems to only happen when I have WebUI open in the browser. This has already been running for a bit # lsof | grep uTorrent | wc -l 1626 as soon as i open WebUI in Google chrome: # lsof | grep uTorrent | wc -l 1665 and after closing it: # lsof | grep uTorrent | wc -l 1671 Then it stays around 1671 while it is closed. When I open WebUI again it goes to: # lsof | grep uTorrent | wc -l 1708 and stays there after i close it. Not sure what else I can provide to help to track this one down: # uname -a Linux mythtv 2.6.25-gentoo-r3 #6 SMP Tue Sep 30 22:30:31 EDT 2008 x86_64 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux # wine --version wine-1.1.5 Latest version of uTorrent 1.8.1 12549 Btw, this is with running 1 torrent (20 files) at about 1kb/s (yes, kb/s not mb/s) Let me know if theres anything I can do to help track this one down. Thanks!
  7. Latest version seems to have broken my WebUI again (under Wine). when i try to access, netstat only shows the following tcp 0 71 FIN_WAIT1 (ip is changed) and the page never loads when I try to access from outside the network. I've been trying to use latest betas all the time, and this has happened to me before somewhere in builds 24xx. WebUI has also been working perfectly fine in 2922. It also seems to work fine when I access it from internal network but from external its not working. The firewall is configured correctly and only thing that changed is upgrade to 2951. If i can provide any more info, let me know! Thx